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Uptodown is a software distributing portal that was started back in 2002. It is a place where you can find softwares for Windows, Mac, and apps for Android. Uptodown started focusing on Android in 2013 and since it has become a hub for Android Apps, and with its dedicated Android Store, it can be called an alternative to the Google Play Store.

Uptodown has over 150,000 apps and 4M+ APKs stored on its system, making it a fully-fledged alternative to Google Play Store.

The main focus of Uptodown is Android, where it has become very popular, housing apps that you probably won’t find on the Google Play Store.

The Uptodown Android Apps Store comes with complete app management and installs tool, so the apps remain up to date and users are provided with the versions of apps that are compatible with their devices, while remaining fully compatible but independent from Google Play services.

On Play Store, you cannot download an app that has been restricted for your location or country, but with Uptodown, that restriction is lifted and Uptodown is able to usurp the geolocation restrictions of the apps. A very amazing feature that can be found on Uptodown is that it allows you to download any application from its store without any geolocation restrictions.